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Legal statement concerning the information presented on this website

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About the blog

The blog's skeletton is just plain HTML and CSS with a minor script for the nightmode. I used Wolfang's blog (CC-BY-NC 4.0) and his tutorial on it as starting point. I write articles in markdown format, convert them to HTML and then manually append the header and footer and finally add the new article to the homepage by hand. I'm not a web dev, so I'm not going to come up with a new workflow to save these 90 seconds once per month.

Deployment is super easy thanks to Cloudflare (via Github). Cloudflare pushes the repo changes to their 200+ nodes across the globe which minimizes latency. Additionally, the blog uses Cloudflare Page's privacy-respecting analytics which are a one-click setup and don't even require a cookie consent popup.

One thing I do to increase the performance is reencoding all images in .webp or similar web-focussed formats -- that can save up to 70 percent of file size at no noticeable quality sacrifice. A great open-source webapp for WEBP conversion is Squoosh.

The text font is called Source Sans Pro by Adobe and it uses the Open Font License. The logo/favicon is from the Noto Emoji set by Google and it uses the Open Font License. The code font is called Mononoki by Matthias Tellen and it uses the Open Font License.

The moon icon is from the Meteocons icon set. The download icon is from the Entypo+ icon set (CC BY-SA 4.0).