SeeAudio Yume EQ for those sensitive to sibilance or liking bass

Screenshot of the PEACE GUI for Equalizer APO showing the adjusted frequency response in the form of a curve versus the flattened factory tuning.

The Yume IEMs by SeeAudio are generally appraised for their tuning but I do find them rather sibilant. At times to a point where I don’t enjoy female vocals anymore, a category where the Yume supposedly shine in particular. This might come down to my ears as I’m pretty sensitive to treble in general. Listening to the Yume back to back with the Truthear Hola, which have a warmish tuning, I decided to attempt tackling my sibilance issue with Squig Link and simultaneously take a look at the often quoted rather thin lower end.

The result is an EQ that sounds relatively warm (I’ve heard it called soft before too) compared to the factory tuning but doesn’t alter it to a major degree.

Note that this is entirely subjective - I’m simply not a fan of ‘neutral’ sound signatures but for you it might be the opposite and this could be a downgrade. Also everyone’s ears work differently so you might not be put off by the treble in the first place.

Download & Usage

Download the EQ preset here or the graphic preset for Wavelet here (right-click and save).

On Windows, install Equalizer APO and its frontend PEACE, then click on the ‘Import’ button to select the .txt file. It might ask you to add more sliders and whether to overwrite the current settings, just accept whatever dialog pops up.


Testing setup