pwdmix 🌪️

GIF showing the usage of pwdmix in the terminal as described below.

A simple CLI generator for strong passwords. Written in Go's stdlib with cryptographically secure RNG. Provides multiple options to customize a password. It shadows the generated password in memory after execution.

Usage (--help)

There is three options: password length, password mode (alphanumeric, numeric or alphabetic) and special characters. By default, password-gen will generate a 12 character alphanumeric password without special characters.

To customize these options, you have three flags: -l (length), -m (mode) and -s (special chars).

Example: ./pwdmix -l 18 -m n would generate an 18 character-long numeric password.


Download a precompiled binary (available for Windows, Linux and MacOS in multiple architectures) from the releases page. I recommend renaming it to just pwdmix or pwdmix.exe since the OS and architecture info makes the filename relatively long. Alternatively, compile it yourself with go build -ldflags="-s -w" -o outputname cmd/pwdmix/main.go.